Sound Level Meter Type 6230 (Code: Type 6230)

Sound Level Meter Type 6230

Integrating Sound Level Meter TYPE6230  

What is daily life noise?

In order to know immediate noise around you


Since sound, which is invisible, differs to the extent we feel uncomfortable depending on one's individual life environment, noise may cause significant stress physically as well as mentally. Recently, in addition to environmental noise problems, cases exist where there is not only noise from parking lots and vehicle at 24-hour stores, but also cases where the voices of people create trouble. Local governments have increasingly considered establishing numeric standards even for "Daily life noise". Also, the side subject to noise may become the side making the noise.

ACO Co., Ltd. offers a solution to properly grasp immediate noise on a daily basis. In order that more people will take this in hand, "ACCURA" has realized a device that is the world's most foolproof, thinnest, smallest and lightest at the lowest possible cost.

ACCURA can be used at a performance meeting the Measurement Law in ordinary homes, as teaching materials in school, and even at places where numerical reliability is required such as laboratories and factories.



  • Conforms to the Measurement Law, JIS and IEC for the first time with a compact size at a low cost class. Reliability of measurement values is the same as those of high-grade meters.

  • Realizes an extremely small design being the thinnest, smallest and lightest in size, which can be placed into a chest pocket for carrying. Makes measurements easy at home, school, laboratory, factory, and outdoors.

  • While looking at the screen, it is operable with a cursor like a cellular type phone. Anyone can make measures even without any particular knowledge and technical skill.

  • Equivalent noise level LEQ is measured. Environmental noise measurements necessary      for industrial hygiene can be made.

  • Liquid crystal monitor equipped with back light.

  • Measured data can be stored.

  • Can be connected to your computer and the data can be easily controlled and processed.

  • Can be used with 2 AAA batteries. (AC adaptor is optinal)



 Applicable standards

Sound Level Meter in accordance with the Japan  Measurement Act
JIS C 1509-1: 2005 Class 2
IEC 61672-1: 2002 Class 2

 Measurement functions Lp : Sound pressure   level
Leq : Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level
Lmax : Maximum sound level
LCpeak :C weighted Waveform peak hold
 Measurement Range 55dB to 130dB (C weighted   Waveform peak hold)
 Measurement Range 30dB to 130dB (A)
36dB to 130dB (C)
46dB to 130dB (F)
 Time weighting Fast, Slow
 Microphone 1/2 Electret condenser microphone
 Display Type : Liquid crystal and Back light
Bar display : Display Period:1s

Two 2 AAA batteries   (Alkaline batteries : 7hours)

or optional AC adapter

 Dimensions and weight 168(H) X 48(W) X   23.5(D) 120g